The Fine Print of Self-Publishing fifth edition

Traditional Publishers Are Literally in The Weeds

Poor St. Martin’s Press.  It’s going to be the butt of a lot of jokes about where traditional publishing is headed.  Well, “bud” would probably be more descriptive.  Seems like someone at St. Martin’s  (or at least in its mail room) was dealing weed on the side to make ends meet.  A company called ATB Books sent an 11 lbs. package to “Karen Wright” at St. Martin’s.  Problem was the 11 pound package was filled with weed (yeah, marijuana) and there is no “Karen Wright” employed by St. Martin’s.

Before the weed arrived, the feds sniffed it out and intercepted it.  So, St. Martin’s is back to selling books.

Thanks to The Smoking Gun for this fun story.



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