The Fine Print of Self-Publishing fifth edition

Amazon To World: “We Thuggin”

I don’t want to say, “I told you so,” but, “I told you so.”

If this was high school, Amazon would be the bully who slams the nerds and mathletes against their lockers.  But, just like the typical high school thug, Amazon was a  geek / nerd until it had a growth spurt, roided up, and joined the football team.

Guess what fuels adolescent roid-rage (well, a publicly traded teenager to be exact)?  Wall Street analysts (even bigger thugs) who tell Amazon how much it sucks at life and how its stock is under performing.  While Amazon made a ton of money by any normal person’s standards ($177,000,000 profit in the 4th Quarter of 2011), it’s profit decreased by 58% from the same time the year before ($416,000,000 of profit in 4th Quarter of 2010).  Amazon is now saying that its first quarter revenue for 2012 will be even lower than what the analysts are predicting.  That shame, guilt, and anger have to be taken out on some pimply faced sap who can’t defend himself.  That sap, is I.P.G., the Independent Publishers Group, a distributor  that had more than 4,443 ebook titles available on Kindle until this week.   Amazon demanded a higher cut of I.P.G.’s ebook sales on Kindle.  I.P.G. said “no” and got slammed against the locker.

I don’t have a problem with Amazon being a thug.  They created selling books online.  They practically own the space.  And, they earned it.  They don’t need to give anyone a deal.  I have a problem with authors and publishers who expect special treatment from Amazon because we’re all “in this together.”  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Amazon is not your friend.  It doesn’t care about your book and it doesn’t care if you whether you like it or not.

I never put all of my eggs in a basket I know the local bully can easily smack out of my hand.




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