The Fine Print of Self-Publishing fifth edition

Tweet Pollution

Like most people, I follow people / companies on Twitter so that I can get interesting links and learn relevant tidbits about topics I enjoy. However, I’m so over following those who want to blow up my Twitter feed with tweets that only pimp their products (or members). It’s so annoying.

The biggest twitter pimps? Indie authors and groups and/or “collectives” they join. Until today, I followed many indie authors. But, if every tweet is about your book, a review of your book, or your Amazon sales rank, I’m dumping you. Every so often, it’s fine. But, seriously, find another modus¬†operandi. Remember, I (and others) follow you because we think (thought) you have something relevant and possibly interesting to say. If the only thing you can tweet about is your book, then all I can say is QUIT BORING EVERYONE!


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