The Fine Print of Self-Publishing fifth edition

Indie Author A.K. Taylor Keeps Plugging Away

I met A.K. after she read my book, The Fine Print of Self-Publishing. She had a disheartening experience with a “big-box” self-publishing company, the result of which was her book being published as a hardcover and retailed for $29.99.   It’s sad when companies convince unknown novelists that they should release a hardcover edition.  A novel by an unknown novelist isn’t going to find much of market in optimal conditions.  At $29.99, it’s even that much tougher.

Anyway, one of our companies was able to and get out a paperback version that retails for $16.95 (great price considering the book is 352 pages).  After A.K.’s book was published, we stayed in touch.  I ask for, and A.K. always sends me updates on her marketing efforts.  Last week, I told her that she should take all of her great information and compile it.  The result is  Self Promotion and Survival Tips for Newbie Authors .  It’s 7,500 words of gold, providing tips (and tons of links) on networking, author resource sites, ways to promote books on Amazon, and a lot of common sense.  You can’t buy this anywhere yet, but hopefully A.K. will make it available soon.  If you’re thinking about self-publishing and really want to understand what it’s like from an author’s perspective, you should contact A.K. (


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  1. That’s great news, Amanda! I wish you all the best for your nonfiction project!

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