The Fine Print of Self-Publishing fifth edition

Mickey Rooney on The Fine Print of Self-Publishing?

Mick Rooney cares about self-publishing. Not 90-year-old actor Mickey Rooney, but operator of the excellent site/ blog, POD, Self Publishing & Independent Publishing.   The site has great information for those considering self-publishing.

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of reviews done about various editions of my book, The Fine Print of Self-Publishing.  The fourth edition of my book officially releases tomorrow.   Last night while in bed, I was watching the news and reading Twitter feeds on my iPhone.  I follow Mick.  He tweeted that he had just reviewed my book.  For a million reasons, it’s a bad idea to read a review about anything involving you before going to bed.  Like any normal person, I couldn’t wait until this morning to read the review.

Mick wrote the most honest, thorough, complete, critical, yet wonderful review of my book.  Read Mick’s review of The Fine Print of Self-Publishing.

I appreciate how much time Mick took to review my book and post it online.  Reading that review was a proud moment for me.  I worked hard on this edition, so it’s nice to have someone recognize that.

Here is my favorite part of Mick’s review:

Levine takes just the right approach and attitude with the book – the voice is ‘show, not just tell’—it shines through on every single page. The attention to detail in some of the services reviewed is remarkable and thorough. He is not afraid to point and say ‘look at that crap’, ‘watch out for the puddle or dog shit’ or ‘take a good look at these guys – they’re outstanding’. If you are seriously considering self-publishing, then you won’t go far wrong by ensuring you have Mark Levine’s The Fine Print of Self-Publishing as a companion before you grab your hat and coat and set out on the self-publishing path.

To Mick and all book reviewers out there — thanks for what you do.

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