$4,000 worth of Sci-Fi Domains Being Given Away to Authors

Below are some great domain names I’m giving away in the next few days.  Yes, giving a way.  Like free.  Totally free. Next to each name, you’ll see the appraised value of  each name. It’s not the gospel on value,

What I Learned About Book Marketing from Chocolate Chip Granola

Last week while shopping at Whole Foods, I stumbled upon what turns out to be the best chocolate chip granola I’ve ever had made by Jessica’s Natural Foods.  Last night after dinner, I was enjoying several handfuls and reading the packaging.

The Domain Name Spammers are Back!

If you own domain names, you may have seen emails from “Paul Harris” and “Kelly Smith” asking “Do you want to grow your business? Do you have serious, defined sales goals?” Of course I do, so I responded to Paul, Allie and Kelly immediately through all of the email

Spamalot Starring An SEO Firm Near You

Just got off the phone with the president of the SEO firm who was buying leads from whoever has been sending me the spam emails. Here is my original post: http://www.bookpublisherscompared.com/2013/02/05/when-does-email-marketing-become-spam/.

The president said the SEO firm no longer buys leads from this company. I agreed to give him the benefit of the doubt and not name them, unless and until it happens again. But, I need your help. Let’s see who is buying these leads.

Here is a list of all the spam email addresses.[more]