The Fine Print of Self-Publishing fifth edition


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Get the Inside Scoop on the Self-Publishing Contracts, Service Providers, Printing Costs, Royalties, Distribution, eBooks & Book Marketing.

The 2014 and fifth edition of The Fine Print of Self-Publishing is the most comprehensive one yet.  For the first time ever, the book provides side-by-side comparisons of 27 self-publishing service providers on printing markups, policies regarding return of author files, and royalties. Plus, all-new chapters on ebook publishing, ebook distribution, and book marketing.

Inside this 2014 (and 5th) edition of The Fine Print of Self-Publishing you'll find:

  • The dos and dont's of publishing your book
  • A self-publishing checklist (from manuscript to distribution)
  • The 10 things that all great self-publishing companies have in common
  • Which self-publishing companies mark up printing the most (Some markup between 100%-300%!)
  • The actual royalty amounts paid by self-publishing companies and how they are calculated.
  • The legalese of self-publishing company contracts dissected and explained.
  • Apples-To-Apples comparison of 27 top self-publishing companies on topics like printing costs, royalties, return of author files, customer service, and more!
  • A book marketing checklist
  • Details about eBook publishing, file conversion, distribution and royalties.